there are numerous ways through which you can earn money. earning depends on the quality and quantity of work given by you. there are some ways through which you can earn money:

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  1. through blogging:- blogging is an awesome way through which you can make a good amount of money. the traffic will depend upon your quality of the blogs you post.according to a survey only 4% blogs more than $10k per month through blog and only 9% of the blogs earn $100 to $ is really simple to earn money through blogs . few blgs earn more than $100k per month through thier blogs. money making is dependent on quality of the are just required to spend a little on your making of blog. make as much as exposure you can of your newly made blog. this work requires a lot of patience. you can make your blog through wordpress for free but there are lot restrictions on it. but to try for it in the first time is not a bad deal. its easy when you see a good amount of traffic on your blog then apply to google adsense or other sites so that they can put their ads on our blog and you can earn money.

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through guest post:- if you don’t want to make a blog and earn some money and if you are good at writing articles and blogs so you can try guest post or blog. there are plenty no. of blogs which pay money for writing content on thier blog. the rates varies from site to site or from blog to blog. blogs like listverse, etc. pay good amount for writing article on their blogs.

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  1. download (1).jpg through freelance jobs:- you can also make money through freelancing jobs. you can do jobs according to your talent.these jobs can also ample money for working. you can find freelance jobs on Fiver, /Freelancer ,etc. many people tend give excellent money. earning money will all be dependent on work. it’s free to sign up there. just sign up and find the work make it done and earn money.



by making vedio’s on youtube:- you can also earn good money through making video’s on youtube about anything you like. it can be about adventure’s, about how make money,about stocks about anything you love.but remember this is a work of patience. This work requires a lot of patience but i can guanrante that today nor tomorrow or day after tomorrow or after 6 to 9 months you will start earning on youtube. there are no money of like and subscribers its just for ads.


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by desinging logo for some company:- if you are good in art and creativity you can earn money from it also. most the time’s newly formed company or institutions requirs new logo. you can earn good money from it also. there are many sites that offer this service like,,, etc.this is a easy way of earning money.


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by doing affiliate marketing:- affiliate marketing is good way of earning money. you can share their link to your family and friends. if they things from your link you get some commission like 10% to 20% depending upon the things it could be more or less. also, if you have some blog you can contact them so that they will put their ads on your blog if they are interested and earn some amount of money through it.

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by investing in stock/share market: after learning what is there through stock market or share market. you can invest your money into shares/stocks. if you played smartly over there you can increase your money by 10% to 20%. play smart in the market keep a close watch on the market and sell stocks when the stocks of the invested company gets down or if your invested company’s stocks are getting up then sell your stocks/shares at right time and you can earn money .remember value of stocks/shares gets down when there are more no. of people selling the stocks rather than buying it and vice versa


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by taking tuition’s:- if you are good at study or in any other thing like;- art or any language etc. then you can earn money through it also. you can take home tuition’s of the children and trust me parents spend a good amount on the studies of there children.there are few site’s which help in getting tuition’s to the tutor’s.there are many site’e like:-/ etc.most these keep the 50% of the first month’s pay and they don’t ask for any money further its all your’s.

  1. download (2).png by selling photo’s:- if you are good in photography then you can earn money,( of course not your’s rather of landscape’s or potraits etc.) site’s pay good amount of money for your photo’s. site’s like shutterstock, istockphoto paygood amount of money. though you can easily get photo’s selected on istockphoto but its difficult to get your photo’s approved on shuttertstock (according to my review as i tried over 10 time’s on shutterstock but i didn’t got approval) shuttertstock pay at the end of the month. if your earning are not enough to complete minimum cashout value so your are earing are shifted to next month’s earning. you need a minimum amount of $500 to get a check of your payment and minimum $100 to get through via paypal. if your is taken is taken for commercial use then you get $28 for each use, if your photo is only downloaded you get only 28 to 35 cents. it is a good way of earning money.


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get paid by completing survey:- there a lot of site’s pay for completing survey’s. people earn good money through way also. you get money according to the length of the survey. long ones would give you upto $5. there are many site’s, etc. it is a good way of earning of earning money real quick.

  1. download (6).jpg be a mystery shopper:- big companies like Raymond, Haldiram, Samsung or big hotel’s hire people for this work. isn’t it amazing? enjoying all the luxury for free and also earning money. there are companies like:- best mark, Experience they pay good amount of money for sharing your shopping experience. There are some companies like:- Raymond, manyavar, etc which pays for your cloths shopping experience. Also, some companies give you money + the clothes you buy as a compliment. There are some hotel companies who pay you for sharing your staying over there hotel. Therefore it is a good way of earning money with this method.
  2. download (7).jpgEarn money from PTC ads :- it is a also good way of earning money online without a lot of work. It’s really simple to earn money .you just need on the websites they show and you have to stay on those website for particular time (5 to 30 seconds in most of the sites or sometimes more but not more than 2 min) the rates are very less per click around ($0.001 to $0.05).sites like:- NEOBUX is the sites which pay $0.001 per click and Per Referred Click: Upto $0.005, CLIXSENSE is the site which pay: $0.02 per click and Per Referred Click: Upto $0.008. I have also earned money through CLIXSENSE like $50. The payment is done through paypal or payza , GPT PLANET is the site which pay $0.01 per click, etc.
  3. download (8) online captcha solving jobs:- if you are looking for online data entry jobs then captcha entry is best online job for you. You must be familiar about captcha. Whenever you create an account, you must have come across a type of image in which you have write a weird looking word in the box. these are words are known as captcha. Big companies make this so that there would no unwanted accounts on their software. If you want to earn $100 to $200, so this is the best job. You can get $2 to $3 per 1000 solved captcha’s. this is a good way of earning small amount of money. Site’s like:-,,, etc. these are some of the best sites that pay upto $4 per 1000 solved captcha.
  4. download (9).jpg get paid on searching on web:- Interested in earning cash for doing what you already do online? This has to be one of the easiest methods of making money online without really any effort or change in your behavior. it is a good way of earning small amount of money like $100 to $200. It is one of the easiest ways to earn money online just search what they tell you to search. there are some sites like this is a innovative idea taken out by them. Advertiser’s sign up on these site’s and they pay money to these website’s for advertisement. Then they ask the user’s to visit those site’s which increase the traffic on those site’s. it is sort of win-win situation for both user and advertiser. Both earn money.
  5. download (10).jpgwrite book’s online to earn money:- if you are good at writing and you can write novel’s and stories so selling your book’s your online can be a good way of earning money. You can publish your stories or novel’s for free on amazon, you can keep 70% of the total money + you get a good exposure of yourself online. There are other site’s like:-, smashwords .com, kobo writing life, payspree, etc. most of the site’s pay via pay pal.
  6. download (11).jpg get paid by reviewing music:- it is a good way of earning small amount of money by just reviewing song’s online. You can use it to get small amount’s of money like $100-$200 per month which is not a big amount but who want to earn a small amount of money. Most of the site’s pay the payment through pay pal. if you are not able to surpass the minimum cash out limit your balance will be transferred to next month’s like,,,, etc. it is a good way of small amount of money.
  7. download (12) sell your note’s:- if you don’t mind sharing your note’s publically, online, then you can add some cash to your wealth. Some people love to read other people note’s and these people go crazy on website’s and pay money for reading other’s note’s and this is the moment where you can earn money online not that much but some cash ($100-$200) which can help to buy any specific item you want if you work few month’s. I would prefer to write’s your note’s on written up rather than hand printed. there are some site’s like,, etc. you can list your note’s over there for free but they take a part of your earning and rest is yours.

These are the some ways through which you can earn money.

If you have other easy ways to earn money through online then comment in the comment box or comment if you like this article.