Are you a writer? A person has a great writing skills? Are you some of the persons who write great articles and save them in the computer.

Are you a type of person who don’t share their article with anyone? Did you know you can create money from them? If not you can think now.

In this article I am going tell you about sites as well as blogs where you can share your post for one time and earn money.

Before starting:

Let me explain something about guest post.
Now guest post is a type of post in which you write a article according to their need or your passion.

It totally depends on you.
Whether you want to work according to them or according to yourself. You are not bound by anyone.

Now, the question arises do you any right on your article after submission?

Ans. No, after submission you aren’t the owner of your article. Rather some blogs/sites allow your article to have your bio or any website link you have.
After submission you can’t submit your article anywhere else.

After submission the blog/site has copyright, acoording to which you cannot post your article anywhere else.

So to help you guys out here is a list of sites/websites where you can share your guest post to earn online.


Listverse :- listverse is very popular among guest post submittors. Listverse accept only 3 submission’s per day. Listverse pays $100 per successful submission.
They pay about extra $100 for the articles who come in the top ten articles.They want a list consisting minimum 10 lists about your niche.

If you want to promote your blog or website, they will add your name and URL at the end of the list.

Remember they don’t accept article related to money-making.there are about 8500 blogs or websites that are linked with articles of the listverse.

Listverse get around 1.5 million page views per month.The bounce rate of listverse is very high.

It is about 67.5%. Also from my personal experience I can say that listverse has a good response for the applications. There reply is very fast.


Huffington post:- The famous huffington post blog which is the highest earning blog according to Forbes wildly a successful blogs. People earn alot through this blog.
I have beard people have earned around $750 or more. But the most important and the best part is if you want to promote your blog or website you can.

Huff post gets around 80 million unique visitors. Huffpost is a good way through which you can improve your Fame as well as your blogs or websites publicity.

As so many visitors visit huffpost throughout the year it is difficult for you to clear their approval process.

Now the question arises:

Q- do the editors of huffpost read all the articles that are sent in a day?
A-They get so much of emails in a day so it also becomes difficult for the editors of huffpost to to read every article in a day. Its next to impossible.

They send a email when you submit your article that you will get response from them in next 25 to 30 working days.
But from my personal experience when I sent my article to huff post for approval I didn’t got a reply till date.

I’m not saying they are not responsive but to be understandable it seems to be impossible for the editors of the huffpost to open and read every email you get.

So here is what you need to know that your subject line should be attractive enough so that the editors of huffpost will open your email.


Earth Island Journal:- so the next site which made this list is none other than earth Island journal. They only except articles about environment.

Earth Island journal award winning site which also publish its magazine which cost around $15 for the 4 issues.

In 2007 the utne readers awarded this journal as the most environmental coverage journal.

The journal accounts about 15 Million unique visitors per month. They Pay about 25 cents per word.

Therefore you can expect about $750 to $1,000 for article of length about 4000 words.

The do not accept any poems or fiction about environment.

When you send article for the approval they tell you about to wait for around 3 to 4 weeks but in my case they gave the answer in around 2 weeks.


College Humor:- college humours is one of the website that is very famous among college teens. This website accept articles about college humors or fictions or poetry or about about college problems.

They pay about $75 per successful approval. They get about 9.5 million page views. They haven’t clarified that whether you can add your URL or not.

The word limit is minimum about 600 words. Again the same problem as which huffpost.

It seems too long for an approval or an reply. But its difficult for them also, to open every single query.


What culture:- whatculture is a multi-niche site, which accepts articles almost about every niche.

There main focus is on the niche that are related to Film, TV, Gaming, Science, Sport, Music, Technology and Music but they are willing to read every article related to any niche.

They get about 10 million unique visitors per month. Their pay system is a bit different. They pay 50 cents for every 1000 views but 40 cents for the article related to WWE.

You will get paid through paypal. Your article will be shown on the site for 1 month and you will be paid automatically at the 7th of the month.

They also allow you to write a short bio of yourself. You can write a good bio and earn good traffic drive all the way to your blog/website.

6. money is a site that highlights the article’s related to money making.

Money pantry .com accounts about 55 million visitors per month. The article length must be minimum of 700 words.

They like articles ranging from 1000 words to 2000 words. They pay through paypal. Their pay ranges from $30 to $150.

You will be paid as soon as possible when the article goes live. To make your article more attractive they sometimes edit your article.

As all the sites say that they also say that they will contact you in the next 2-3 weeks and most of the times they mean it. You can also write your article in a list- form.

Above sites which this article had depicted about are the sites where i have tried my article’s.

So here comes the end of the article. I hope this article stands more than your expectations.

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