Traffic is the thing that everyone wants. It isn’t the thing that you , or anyone having a website would deny. Seeing heeps of traffic on your site makes a person on cloud nine. Everyone thinks that there content stands on the expectation of the public and they are loving your content.

But what happens when it comes to bad traffic or false traffic, did your mindset changed now.

But question arises what is bad traffic?

Bad traffic is a type of false traffic that is sent by hackers wherein many bots and automated software visit your site again and again to increase your traffic as well as load on server.

This type of traffic dosen’t engage in your content. The bounce rate is also low. They aren’t willing to comment or like or share your blog post or even if they comment it’s always on a negative side. You don’t want these type of comments and visitors on your site that dosen’t interfare with your content. As a blogger I understand that its not good.

So back on topic this bad traffic is targeted traffic on your site by your rivals or hackers.

So, it is important to have a good amount of bandwidth or it is best to have unlimited bandwidth so that the genuine users dosen’t face any problems.

These types of attacks are known as DDoS (disturbuted denial of service) attacks. These are the attacks that are done by people.

Symptoms which define that you are under DDoS attack.

In this section I will be tellimg you about the symptoms that ensure that you are under ddos attack.

1. Rapidly increasing traffic rates:- when a website earns traffic it sees a slow and a constant graph going up or down. But when your graph suddenly rise up to the top in no time.

You can see yourself under ddos attack. For eg:- if you are getting 9000 hits per day and then suddenly it comes to 90000 hits per day .

You may be very happy from inside and you may not understand this type of symptom. Unless and until you haven’t buy traffic or have something like that. I think its just next to impossible to get that much visitors suddenly.

2. Bounce rate:- whenever you are under DDoS attack your bounce rate increases suddenly. The concentration of the traffic remains on a specific blog post but not on all the posts.

This makes your overall stats look bad. This can be one reason which can ensure that you are under DDoS attack.

3. Increase in the amount of spam:- These bots or attackers are set in such a way that they sometimes do spam comments which increases the no. of spam comments you recieve everyday.

No one in this world wants spam, neither you or me or anyone in this world who is a blogger.

It becomes hectic for a blogger to clear them all away… but you can use akismet plugin that blocks 7.5 million spam comments per hour. ( you can use this link to buy the plan for you site, I will not earn a single penny through it).

4. Increase in the page load time:- Its usual that if you are under attack your server will get busy for time and you are real/ original visitors will face page speed problems.

Do you know?

Page load speed time also effects the sales. In the end you might be leaving money on the table, which anyone (except your competitor’s)does not want to!

So I think you don’t wanna lose a single penny on the table and nor do I want that you leave anything. I want my readers make most out of my posts.

Here’s a list of steps you can take to prevent DDos attack.

1. Use best firewall plugins:- To prevent this type of attack you can use best firewall plugins

Having best firewall plugin is indeed a great thing. Yes, you may have to spend some extra bucks to have a good security plugin but if you want to get the best for you and your visitor, its worth spending.

But do you know using right tips with best plugins make your website even securer.

Read article :- best wordpress security tips and plugins

Also read :- 9 wordpress plugins you didn’t know about.

2. Bandwidth:- having an extra amount of bandwidth isn’t a bad deal. Having unlimited bandwidth is best thing. Try to have good amount of bandwidth so that your website can face such a large amount of traffic and your website dosen’t get down.

3. VPS hosting:- having a VPS hosting is good prevention technique but it require to invest a little bit more. But It will more likely to save you from the effect of DDoS attack.

Website use shared hosting because they are cheap but forgets that investing a little bit more can be good for them. If any website suffers from these type of attack, there real users dosen’t get away.

4. Dedicated server:- purchasing a dedicated server would be a little bit out of your budget but to prevent DDoS attack and to save your bussiness to ruin up, you can make that investment.

Having a dedicated server will help you have an extra amount of bandwidth and other security features.

5. Be ready with a plan:- A back up plan can’t gurrantee that you can be saved from DDoS attack but it will help you to mitigate problem.

You can install such plugins which would tell you about when id your site down.

You can also buy DDoS attack prevention products as well.

And many more other things….

6. Drop packets from obvious source of attack:-

According to, DDoS attacks have

the potential to create a havoc on your business and you need to stop traffic from false sources at any cost. Focus on using the access list at the perimeter of network to prevent malicious activities. Furthermore, instruct the router to drop packets from IPs that are obvious sources of attack. You can also rate limit your router to add another layer of protection.

Again, with the increasing size of online attack, this strategy will only buy time and delay the ramping up of the threat.

So guys this the end of the article and hope you liked it.

I seriosly don’t want to demotivate anyone that getting traffic isn’t a good thing. I just want to say that getting false trafic is bad.

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