Everyone in this world wants to make money from anywhere (but legally).

Some opt for bussinesses and some opt for jobs. People take fancy degree’s to get the best and they do.

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Some people do something or another thing to make money. Now people also try on internet too.

There are two types of income:-


Now, rather than creating a product of their own (which isn’t easy at all) they start promoting products of other’s and if they are successful in selling they get commission over it.

Its as simple as that…

There are many affiliate programs which provides there affiliate’s to sell their product.

For example:- amazon affiliate program, mobe, flipkart affiliate program, google adsense or any other.

But as I am taking these names as they are famous not because someone of my circle has made it. (Really no one)

So, now the first main motive of this blog post takes place.

How these affiliate programs become that famous?

You might be thinking that google adsense became famous because of google. But what about media.net

Yes, it may be the reason but not the whole part of it isn’t in front of you.

People like adsense because it’s true and best as it is linked with such a big brand so no chamces for anything fake.

Yet, adsense keeps a bit high interest with it but its okay as not like most of the other programs hold the payout for 2 months but google gives it on the same month.

When you just start a blog you want to make money as much as possible. So, when you make your first income no matter what it is.

You will be cloud nine for a while and your inside me may be appreciating you and telling you to excel.

Media.net came in the bracket in the top affiliate programs like google adsense on their own way.

Facilities some of the programs other than paying money that make them famous

In this section of the article, I would be only talking about mobe because what mobe gives to their affiliate , I don’t think any other affiliate programs may provide.

Mobe (my own bussiness education)is an affiliate program made by MATT LLYOD. It has given over $72 million in commision.

If you want to be an affiliate, you first need to buy a standard affliate program for $19.50.

After buying program, you will earn a commision of 10%-40% on selected items as an standard affiliate.

However if you wish to earn commissions of 10% – 90% on products PLUS have their phone sales team selling products for you on the back end with commissions of $1,250, $2,500, $3,300, $5,500 and even $10,000 per sale, then you can upgrade to one of our MOBE Certified Programs.

Download mobe compensation program from here

If you are ready to pay the price and immediately being a silver, gold , titanium , platinum or diamond affiliate or you can have 5 sales on each stage and you will be promoted from 6th sale.

Other than paying money, mobe provides a few facilities. Now, here comes the intresting part of the article and trust me I am really excited to tell you. Here are the facilities provided by mobe:-

1. You get goodies:– you get a goodies for every milestone you cover. Once you cover $10,000 you get your first ring. Then at $100,000 you get a platinum ring with 16 diamond, then at 250k and the 500k and then at 750k. Then at $1 million you get a platinum ring with 36 diamonds.

Then at 2.5 and then at 5 million and then at 7.5 and then at 10 million you get a solid gold rolex.

2. Free trips:- Once you cross $100k in mobe commision you get a all expense pay trip. Mobe does it twice a year.

3. Go free everywhere:- once you get to a $1 million mark. You can go any mobe events like masterminds or any trip or any events where mobe takes to their affiliate is free for you.

Sounds good and it isn’t ended till end.

4. Free car:- yes, it’s right mobe pays for your cars. Once you qualify for the mobe motor’s program and you start earning points. (You will lose points if you stop your marketing).

You will get your car on lease payment. Every $1000 you earn is equalvalent to one point.

You require minimum of 5 points ($5000) per month to get a vehicle on lease payment of $600/month.

You require minumum of 10 points ($10000) per month to get a vehicle on lease payment of $1200/month.

You require minimum of 15 points ($15000) per month to get a vehicle on lease payment of $1800/month.

But remember you need to coup with the amount you choose as you are paying for car. If you can’t coup up with the amount the lease payment gets decrease but if start couping up you are able to increase your lease payment.

5. Always get loyality:– if you encourage other’s to visit the site and do some action like purchasing any product or becoming an affiliate you get commission but if the customer closes the site amd later buy’s it lets say after 2 week, you still get commission, the customer still belongs to you no matter whenever he/she buys.

The same dosen’t happen with amazon, if you get a customer through your link and he/she buys something in 24 hours you will get commission but not as mobe then whenever the customer buys you get commission.

6. Get commission:- you inspire other’s to join the site and promote and if the customer becomes an affiliate and sells products then you get a commission of 5% of what he sells.

7. Get commission for upsales:– you get upto 90% on front sales you make and around 50% on upsales you make.

For those who are thinking what are upsales?

A- upsales are the sale that you make after selling the first product.

You might be thinking that you are not gseting that much commission on the upsales but you don’t even get this much in amazon. I will explain this to you in the next part of the article.

8. Extra commission :- mobe gives extra 2% to those affiliate who make over 200 grand (USD) per month. Mobe also sponser competition ad if you win you get money.

So here was the list of “goodies” that mobe provide to it’s affiliate.

#Why not to use amazon as your affiliate program on your website?

You might be thinking, I am been drunk or something like that but no nothing like that.

Amazon, one of the most trusted affiliate program which provides everything pin to elephant everything.

Things gets sold in a flash.

Amazon provides people with their affiliate program wherein, if they refer someone to buy a product from amazon and if the sale is made in 24 hours, the affiliate earns commission.

Now the main part of the section comes that why shouldn’t you be an affiliate of amazon.

Before starting, I just wanna tell that I’m not opposing anyone or amazon, you can be a amazon affiliate on your own choice.

Question comes why the hell you shouldn’t be a affiliate of amazon?

Reason 1:I told you in the above article that if you send a affiliate to amazon you will only get commission if the buyer buy’s in 24 hours. If he buys after 24 hours you get nothing, nil.

All your efforts go in vain. It’s not like mobe wherein you will get commission if the buyer buys in 1 day or 10 days or 1 year.

Reason 2: you get commission for the front sales but what about the back sales. Do you get something on back sales. You might be thinking how amazon is making money after giving commission.

This how they make. For eg:- if someone buys a dslr camera for him by your affiliate link you get money. Now, after he buys the camera, you get commission. Amazon has a great upsales system.

Amazon will show him a cleaner tool for his lens wherein he can clean his camera lens.

Think for a while, a person who can buy a camera of $1000 can’t buy a cleaner of $50. He also buys it.

But wait:

Will you get commission? No!

Amazon makes all the money.

You can prevent these things to happen with you by looking for more affiliate programs which give passive income. I will be sharing in next article why passive income is better than active.

Take care of all the things and then choose which one to decide.

So guys, this is the end of the article and I hope you enjoyed it. Do like, share and subscribe and don’t forget to comment. ( you can comment without signing up)

Till then, do whatever you want to do, that makes your blog better.